Wednesday, 23 September 2020

My Whakapapa Story

My Whakapapa Story

The big koru is my dad and my dad is in front of my mum. My dad and my mum live with me and my mom’s birthday is on June the 5th. She is something years old. She has a sister and a mum. And my dad has two sisters. Then there’s me! I have two sisters and one brother. There’s my little sister and she has two big brothers and one sister. Next is my big brother, he has one brother which is me. He goes to De La Salle. Next in the picture is my big sister, and she goes to Auckland Girls Grammar School. My dad’s name is Duke and my little sister’s name is Thalia and my mum’s name is Katherine Talau-Brown. My big sister's name is Angelina and my big brother is Nehemiah.

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