Thursday, 8 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

Last Tuesday we met Jo who brought us eleven chicks which she said will hatch on day 21. Two days later I was running into the classroom because I was so excited. Someone said the eggs had hatched. I saw 7 in the brooder and 4 in the incubator. We watched them jumping around and making noises. We touched all of the chicks and they felt so soft, I couldn't believe it. I called my chick Lax. Lax was comfortable and soft  and I stroked my chick Lax. We were the luckiest class in the school because we had the chicks full time. I liked it when Room 2 came and I helped pass the chicks to the little kids. 

They changed a lot when they were with us because they pecked at us and pooed on our hands but today the chicks had to go back to the farm :( and I felt numb and sad.

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